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I have bad news, and so, take this. P.S. Don't read anymore please. mfkm emfk3fk fm4k4 mkmfk k4fj4gkl24 gj j4nkfn vklnrkkn4k43 b4gnk4jn4 vj4glv 4lk kvl4

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Created by: Houndlover

  1. Hey peeps, I have terrible news. So, I'm gonna be leaving on a trip to Kentucky on Friday, May 24th, and I'll be gone for a week. Here's the worst part...I can't take my laptop. Sorry guys, but that will be a week with no new quizzes from me. I'll try to finish Merma Girl, but IDK if I can.
  2. That's all.
  3. So, you can skip the rest now.
  4. efhejnfe
  5. efenfnnjgjn
  6. rgreg
  7. regefgfgr
  8. rggvfvr
  9. tmgkmt
  10. Bye!

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