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Created by: 5thMarauder

  1. What is your age?
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  1. Aloha amigo!! As you probably know, I am @5thMarauder...
  2. I want all you guys to tell me wether I should kill Cedric or not. Next year. In my quiz series.
  3. And I want to know who YOUR favourite is. Mine is Oliver. Just saying.
  4. Should I kill Fred? Or keep him alive?
  5. I know my quiz has a lot of Oliver in it, but that's cuz he awesome. And @Aria's fiancé. And my husband. And @natuhleegayle's husband. And @HogwartsLove's husband(I think). Wow Oliver has a lot of wives...lol I'm wired
  6. Post your answers in the comments....
  7. I have almost the whole series planned out... I was going to add Seamus to it,but I've something else planned for him...:D
  8. Charlie flavoured unicorns.
  9. Bye bye!
  10. ...

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