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  • @hp4evr I think I do. ;) I think they turned out okay in the editions, I was just mostly irritated that I had to delete some of the writing and I couldn't get it back. Anyway, thank you for supporting me until the end (literally). :)

    @vulturemonem Aw, thank you! Yes, I'm not too unhappy with the fact that I had to move it to an edition. I was rather irritable at the time when I posted these, so it probably made it sound worse. XD Anyway, I'm honored to have swayed you to Draco Malfoy and I thank you for all of the support. :)

  • As @hp4evr said, there was no problem having the endings set out like this. In fact, I think I preferred it. This way. It wasn't too difficult for you, and it was easy for us to read all of them (which I did!).

    Due to your amazing show earlier in the series (hint hint) I've been getting Draco Malfoy for several editions. I was rather surprised when the scene pulled me over, but it did. I'm swayed.

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  • You know who I might've got, or well, in the entire series! ;) Anyway, I liked the endings and even though they might have worked well with the results, it's nothing wrong in having them in an edition. Wonderful job. No other word for it. :)


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