his tha boy u lik hot

this is a quiz 2 see how hot your relationship is cuz many people need 2 work on there relationship so this give them a glue 2 work on there relationship lik mine

but now u kno wat mi quiz is about take it 2 show how gudd ur relationship is 2 everyone cuz many people would lik 2 kno how gudd yo relationship so let them n me kno im out

Created by: badazz of myspace.com
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wat iz his/her skin color
  2. what color iz his eyes
  3. wat kind of uderwear do he wear
  4. do u get gifts 4rm he/she
  5. wat kind of clothes do he/she wear
  6. how do they toes look lol
  7. do yall kiss
  8. do yall walk in a park
  9. do he/she kno yo parents n if do they lik he/she
  10. do u really lik he/she

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