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You meet this really Handsome/Beautiful Girl/Boy What Do you say? something stupid like: llamas OR something smart like: Hi! Are You a Genius Or An Idiot Find Out In This Test....

Are YOU an idiot? Do YOU have the wits to become one?? Are you a genius? Or an Idiotic person both are fine but Idiotic is better see if your smart or Idiotic in this cool test!

Created by: Delenn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. NACHO'S!!!
  2. ELEPHANT face
  3. Die= Pie. Kangaroo= ____
  4. Are U Lint??
  5. If U Ever Se a llama kiss the llama on the ______
  6. Do you enjoy this quiz?
  8. You Are A _____
  9. wait....
  10. Owl says: "Dr___!"

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