Highschool Story Part One

This is a drama-type quiz that tells a story about a girl who moves to California and makes new friends. It's up to you to decide which guy you like best. :)

This is just part one, so not a whole lot happens just yet. But I'll have more in part two, so don't worry! That is, if I ever make a part two, which I might only do if people comment. So please, do!

Created by: Skittles2345

  1. It's your first day at your new high school. Your name is Alexandra- although everyone calls you "Alex"- and you just moved to California with your parents. And BTW, you're 16.
  2. You miss all of your friends back home and hated the idea of moving half way across the country, but your dad needed the job. So, you face this new adventure head-on. What do you wear to school?
  3. Your mom drops you off at school, as you only have your learner's permit. You take a deep breath and walk in. And you gape. This school has to be at least three times bigger than your last one! You stride forward, trying to cool it. But everyone seems to be ignoring you anyway.
  4. You turn the corner, looking for your locker. Suddenly, your stuff is flying everywhere! You bumped into a boy, perhaps 17 or so, with short brown hair and deep brown eyes, and tanned skin. He apologizes, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" and helps you gather your things. As he hands you your folder, you meet eyes. "You're new, aren't you?" He asks. You nod. "I'm Alex." You say. He says his name is Brandon. He says he's kind of in a hurry, but that maybe he'll see you around. He flashes you a quick, friendly smile before he rushes off. You smile back.
  5. After that little encounter, you realize the time. You're late to class! It takes you a couple minutes longer to find your classroom, and you're out of breath when you rush inside. Your teacher frowns at you. "You must be miss, uh... Alexandra Jenkins." You nod. "Well, Miss Jenkins, I suppose I should tell you right now that this school does not tolerate tardiness for any reasons. But, as this is your first day, I'll let this go with a warning. Don't let it happen again." Again, you nod, and take your seat. But you're flushing with embarrassment. Everyone's looking at you.
  6. Still feeling very self-conscious and embarrassed, you keep your head down not paying attention to who you sat next to. Well, until he waves his hand in front of your face. You look up. It's a boy with with blond hair and clear blue eyes. He has the physique of an athlete. He says his name is Roy. You tell him your name. He smiles and tells you not to worry about the other kids. Then he asks if you'd like to sit with him at lunch. You accept.
  7. At lunch you look for Roy. You find him sitting with his friend, Cody. They make room for you in between. Cody has thick, black hair and pale skin. His eyes are a twinkling green. He smiles at you. Roy seems pretty quiet while you're eating lunch, but maybe that's because Cody's doing all the talking. You can't help laughing at all his dumb jokes! Suddenly, he puts his arm around you and kisses your cheek. You pull away, startled, bumping into Roy. Roy eyes Cody disapprovingly. "Lay off her, Cody." He says. Cody apologizes, but he's still grinning.
  8. You're just heading down the school steps after school when you bump into someone. Again. And... you drop your books. Again. But this time it's a boy dressed in black pants and a dark gray hoodie. He has dark brown hair that partially covers his dark eyes. He mumbles an apology, but doesn't offer to help. He looks sad, so you ask him what's wrong. He doesn't answer. "I'm Alex," you say, cheerfully. He mumbles that his name is Anthony, and please mind your own business, or something like that. Then you hear your name being called. Roy runs up to you. He asks if you'd like to catch a movie with him that evening. You say yes, and he promises to pick you up at 8. When you finish talking, you turn back to where Anthony was sitting. But he's gone.
  9. That's it for now! More next time. :)
  10. Goodbye!

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