Hi! It's Blondie Lockes! Every1 Plz Read!

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Hi! This quiz is gonna be just right for you! Hehe! I'm Blondie Lockes! I hope you like your first quiz! And yes! That's just right! Hehe! I said first! I'm making you more btw! Enjoy!

Please rate and comment for your shouty out and please enjoy! Also, check out my other quizzes and rate and comment them aswell! That'll be just right! Hehe! Enjoy!

Created by: Blondie Lockes

  1. Hi! It's Blondie Lockes! I made 3 quizzes so far! Plus this one! Even though this is not really a quiz! Anyways, my first quiz is called "How Well Do You Know Ever After High?" and my second one is called "Blondie Lockes's Boyfriend Quiz! are you him?" and my third one is "Are You My BFFA?"! Please check them out and if you can't find them by looking them up, look at the newest quizzes! This is your shout out! Be happy about it! Your quizzes are awesome, grateful, inspiring, inspirational, optimistic, loveable, sweet, and much more! I loved them all! Thank you for being so just right! Hehe! Get it? Just right? Hehe! Anyways, if you like your shout out, press the first answers and if you didn't, press the second answers! Thanks and bye you just right people! Hehe!
  2. Porridge time!
  3. Crap! My Mirror Phone Battery is running low! Oh well!
  4. Huuu! Apple White's calling me! One second guys!
  5. Legacy Day! Omg! I have the just right dresses for me and C.A. Cupid!
  6. I can't wait to be the next Goldilocks!
  7. C.A. Cupid: Hey Blondie! Has Dexter text me yet? Blondie: No! And I never knew you even had his number! Oooo! Look at you Cupid! C.A. Cupid: *closes eyes, smiles, and blushes*
  8. Rate and comment please! It'll be just right! Hehe!
  9. They told you everything was waiting for you! And so on!
  10. Please check out my quizzes and I hope you liked your just right shouty out quiz! Hehe! Bye!

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