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Hftf quiz for big brains.you could have won or lost it's alright lad up your game next time nigga man bad boy big brain smol brain i am just trying to fill this out

Hftf quiz for big brains.i am just trying to fill this out because this website is retarded please help me man please i am dying inside me broken arm and leg

Created by: gasygaming

  1. What is the prefred character to learn at first playing HFTF?
  2. Which character of those has the the best okizeme?
  3. If somebody said in the general chat "Hey guys i am new how to do Time stop with Dio please?" what should be your answer?
  4. who is the greatest stinko ever?
  5. Is jojo the best anime?
  6. of all this characters who is the hardest to play?
  7. Of all the anubis chars who is the hardest to play?
  8. who is the best jojo player ever?
  9. Who is the most known dio main on the hftf server and the maker of the server itself?
  10. Lastly,Who is the father of all Joestars?

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