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  • Truth for my husband, Ronald: Do you honestly love me?

    Dare for Harry: Kiss Hermione, you dolt!

    Truth for Draco: What would you do if I said we are cousins?

    Truth for Hermione: Do you really love Ron? Or is Rowling just messing with us and you love Harry?

    Dare for Draco: KISS A MUGGLE-BORN!!!

  • Dare for Draco: I dare you to go to your father, say, "daddy? I wuv you really really much" then hug him and walk away.

    Truth for Draco: What do you think of Emma Waterwood (see my other quiz)?

    Dare for Ron: Go give Draco a kiss on the cheek.

    Truth for Ginny: Do you wish that Harry would stop hanging out with Hermoine?

  • Sorry Janey, but no. This is a Harry Potter Truth or Dare series, not Harry Potterstuck Truth or Dare. Although, we can have Gamzee in for truth and/or dare refusal punishments... Yeah, I think I'll do that! :) Thanks for the idea, Jane!

  • Hey G, can we put in some of the Homestuck characters?

  • @ectoBiologist, can I take that dare? ;)

    Maybe a dare can be: Draco has to kiss Hermione on the cheek while Ginny pulls his hair.

    Pyra Potter
  • I dare you, Bunni, to kiss Draco. :)

  • Dare for Bunni: Kiss Harry. ;D


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