Harry Potter: Sorceror's Stone

It's probably been a while since you saw the first HP movie or read the book. Find out how good your memory is. Test how well you remember Book One of Harry Potter.

This quiz is solely based on Book One. All answers can be found in the book. Try not to consult HP fan sites when answering the quiz. You can do that later. XD

Created by: Sukekiyo

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  1. What is the first name of Hufflepuff?
  2. How old was Harry at the beginning of the story?
  3. What is the name of their professor in Potions?
  4. Who is the librarian at Hogwarts?
  5. What is the name of the Ghost of the Slytherin house?
  6. Peeves is a what?
  7. What is Voldemort's wand made of?
  8. In their transfiguration class, what did Professor McGonagall ask her students to turn the matches into?
  9. What school is Dudley Dursley going to enroll in?
  10. Name of Slytherin Seeker in Book one?

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