what do you know how do you know it why would you know it well you can find out hear and its hard vary hard and if you take this quiz you must comint right am i right no but its a fun thing to do

oh yeah are you in the mood to just blowup cause you think your stupid and your dumb well this quiz is perfect for you and its fun am i right ha ha am i right yeah but it a fun and hard quiz so take it now

Created by: emo girl101

  1. who won the first amarican idol?
  2. what was the grinchs dogs name
  3. what color are taylor swifts eyes
  4. out of these which one is a singer
  5. whats my middle name
  6. whats 2000 í· by 500
  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. on what day was taylor swift born
  9. how short is my hair
  10. 'rodolf the red nosed raindeer' what did i miss spell

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