Give someone a punishment

Choose you 19 year old bed wetting son that also has day time accidents. You must choose his punishments month by month for the next 5 months before college.

Good lucky and have fun doing this quiz and please comment on if you would do what you did to your kids or not. Do not spank your kid with a brush please they probably do not deserve it.

Created by: Diapers for all

  1. This has no effect it is a story. Your 19 year old son wets the bed every night and has day time wettings and messing once a week you must punish him to get him to stop wetting and messing himself before college. You have 5 months to do so.
  2. Month 1 punishment choose one.
  3. Month 2 choose one
  4. Month 3 choose one
  5. Month 4 choose one
  6. Month 5 choose one
  7. Do you like this quiz no effect
  8. Did you have fun no effect
  9. Would you do this to your kids no effect
  10. Do a quiz called do you need cloth nappies. No effect

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