Girly Punishment for Late Teenage Boys.

This quiz defines your attitude towards boys dressed as girls for punishment. From school uniform to other childish clothes, private, public, and the humiliation suffered especially from younger siblings, relatives and their friends.

How much do you like being a boy humiliated as punishment by bring dressed as a girl, made to serve as a maid, be seen in public dressed ss the opposite sex teenager. Let your feelings go now!

Created by: Aiden

  1. Should teenage boys be dressed as girls as punishment?
  2. Have you ever been dressed as a girl for punishment?
  3. If you want to be, what should you be made to wear?
  4. Should you be made to carry on life as normal when dressed as a girl. Appear in front of evrrybody and be forced to go out in your uniform.
  5. How long should your punishment last?
  6. Who would be directly in charge of you and who you have to report/respond to?
  7. If you are disobedient whilst in girls uniform, should you be made to wear more childish girly clothes?
  8. Which outfit should you be made to wear?
  9. Should you have to do chores like cleaning, hoovering, wsshing up, dusting etc wearing a full french maid outfit
  10. Should you be made to wait on and serve guests in your Maids uniform?
  11. How should you address people younger than you when in any uniform?
  12. In school uniform, what corporal punishment should you receive for disobedience?
  13. Iin Maids uniform, what corporal punishment should you receive?
  14. Should your punishments be given in front of others, including younger peers?
  15. When dressed as a girl, should you be called by a girls name?
  16. Which name would you not like to be called by, but would have to accept and live with the humiliation.
  17. Do you want to be dressed as a girl and humiliated?
  18. When punished as a girl should your hair /wig be!

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