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Idk what to put here so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggghhgghggggggfcftygg texted this and i just yyyyyybbb it is a joke but it was a good one and it made my heart happy for the first hygg

bsbsbvsvsvsvsvsvsvsvdvdvsvssvvsvsvsvd but it is a very nice looking piece of work i love the look and feel it has to be done in the first few seconds but it looks like a very good watch to wear to work on the day after the race so it would look nice

Created by: kaiden
  1. What is my favourite song
  2. Who does Kaiden hate the most
  3. what is kaiden’s favourite game
  4. how cool is kaiden
  5. Who is my comfort music artist
  6. what is my favourite hobby
  7. Final question! who is kaiden afraid of the most
  8. Nevermind um, How are you
  9. grrr
  10. nah i need that 10th question, um pick a number between 1/8

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