Get to know Brown-Brown!

Hey guys, Br0wnieBunny here with another one of my quizzes here! In this quiz, you will get to know a little bit of information about me. Hey--you might even find out something knew about me!

So yeah, I really have nothing left to say because I put all of the information about this quiz in the first opening paragraph of this read the questions, yo.

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

  1. Hm, well for starters, my first name is Madison (most people just call me Maddie).
  2. I am about 11 years old, going on 12 in January.
  3. I have two siblings. A brother named Chase (16 years old), and a twin sister named Caylie (11 years old).
  4. My homestate is Ohio. I've been born in Shelby, Ohio and lived in Mansfield, Ohio until I was 6-7 years old (which basically makes Mansfield my hometown). Then I moved to Columbus, Ohio and lived there ever since.
  5. I have three pets. A kitten named Mocha (2 months old), a cat named Chloe (7 years old), and a dog named Bella (3 years old).
  6. My favorite colors are Hot Pink and Lavender Purple.
  7. Believe it or not, but I am absolutely in LOVE with cats and bunnies. They are just too cute!
  8. My favorite food is brownies, duh.
  9. Well, that's all of the information that I am willing to share with you guys about myself. Bye!

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