The Night Air Feels So Damn Good

Thread Topic: The Night Air Feels So Damn Good

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    breadboy69 Junior
    Who're you apologizing to?
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    I think he's mad at me, I don't feel that great
    idk what I did
    maybe he found out I like him
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    Solaire Junior
    just suck his d---
    he'll forgive you
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    he won't even talk to me or acknowledge I'm talking to him
    but I don't think it's my fault
    he has really bad depressive lows like this, especially when he doesn't take his medicine
    it scares me a little bit when he gets like this
    I wish so bad that I could make everything okay for him but I can't
    I can't do anything
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    I want a hug but I also don't because sensory disorder
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    got my therapist to talk about her political beliefs

    we also talked about my asexuality and how trauma might relate to my hatred of touching people
    and I told her about my old house and the creepy s--- that happened there
    good time
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    we're trying to pinpoint when exactly I went from making out with girls all the time to 'if you touch me I will kill you and light myself on fire'
    I think I always disliked touch, and I always broke kissing off first and then would feel utter disgust for the next two days so it wasn't a sudden change
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    me: hmm, maybe I'll teach middle school when I get older

    middle school kids touring the school: -point at me and laugh as they walk by-

    me: yeah never mind
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    what is it about middle school that makes children feel the need to be obnoxious dicks
    jesus, was I like that?

    principal just walked by shaking his head and sighing I'm dead
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    this thread makes me laugh out loud every time
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    today, I'm going to Athena's to make over her old Barbies
    I have a bag prepared and everything
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    Irrelevance Junior
    ha barbies
    im joking please dont add to the list of people that dont like me
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    my barbie dolls are more beautiful than most supermodels
    glowing, radiant, graceful, immobile and incapable of protesting to me pouring boiling water over their heads to perm their hair
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    Irrelevance Junior
    well nice talking to you
    im never gonna come in here again

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