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    d_h Senior
    heh... No matter how much I meditate I'll still feel this emptiness inside of me were all my care has come from

    As time goes on it feels like less people deserve my Platonic love. My family has no Idea the level of destruction I've laid upon myself one of the people I love most I've hurt so much that they just don't exactly trust me.

    The only people that I really have a mutual close relationship with is my non blood sisters, If it wasn't for them I Probably wouldn't be typing this entrie.

    But I'll Be dammed that two of them are so far away and Another one I don't talk to enough.

    thank you god for who you have blessed me with as you work in the most surprising ways. putting people in my life that genuinely care and need to trust me like a sibling.

    I never trusted my actual family so thank you for putting these few woman down in my life. I couldn't ask for better sisters. it may sound screwed up to be dismissing my blood family's meaning but they just don't understand me like my second family.

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