Mod Check-In Thread

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Thread Topic: Mod Check-In Thread

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    Br0wnieBunny Expert

    Deleted a few posts upon request and cleared out the intro thread a little. Other than that, a pretty quiet day.

    This is Benny, he heard me go into the kitchen and was watching me like this
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    Acrimony Advanced

    Been quiet today - nothing to report ! :)

    No news on GTQ Guy and Kish, but here's hoping it doesn't stay that way... we're doing everything in our power to track them down !

    Here's my cat, did you know he was in part of a famous painting? It's true, take a look:
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    Acrimony Advanced

    Hello hi it's your favourite mod popping in for today's update yet again :) nothing major happened today. We handled a few minor things, but nothing worth reporting on by the looks of it .

    The other mods are busy investigating GTQ Guy and Kish's whereabouts and whilst they're all gone I've decided to take over GTQ Headquarters all for myself. I'm sitting in GTQ Guys big boss chair right now ! Nobody is here to stop me ha ha ha. I have no idea where GTQ Guy is, or Kish :^)

    Here is daily animal. It is mine. It does not know how to eat its food properly either. Here u go:

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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    We apprehended a troll today. 💪

    It is almost 1 AM and I cannot think straight, so please pretend there is something here continuing the amazing saga of Kish x GTQ Guy.

    You should also pretend there is an animal image here. Use those imaginations!:

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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Nothing much has happened today. We thank you for abstaining from sacrificing the newer users to the war gods. May this era of peace continue eternally.

    We've spotted GTQ Guy and Kish at one of the most expensive tailors in London. They're probably preparing for the wedding but where did they get all that money?

    Chom Chom
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    Mused Jade Advanced

    Today has been fairly uneventful on site. But, off-site has been fairly eventful!

    Acrimony is now no longer alone in the GTQ Headquarters, but GTQ Guy has made some frequent appearances close by. I have my suspicions that Kish keeps drawing him away from his beautiful creation that is Gotoquiz. As far as the wedding, all is well! Kish was spotted picking out the floral arrangements and GTQ Guy looks absolutely dashing in his tailored suit!

    Also, as always, an adoring Chom Chom!

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    Acrimony Advanced

    We dealt with some trolls today. Please remember to respect each other's boundaries and don't be afraid to report to us about any issues on site that we may miss! ♡

    A sacred statue has gone missing from egypt and I'm afraid to even think it - but what if GTQ Guy and Kish are on the run from the police now? Perhaps they sold the statue... to afford their wedding?! Oh no! Let's not jump to conclusions just yet though...

    Here's my pup. He's sleeping aaa so cute:
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert

    A very uneventful day.

    I wouldn't be surprised if GTQ Guy and Kish did sell that statue though..

    here's my bois
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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    Peace prevails over our small but mighty kingdom.

    We are starting to wonder if that statue is the only thing funding their wedding. It seems that there are more reports of expensive, valuable treasures going missing from across the globe...

    Here is a sleepy tubby bubby for your enjoyment.

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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot

    Nothing happened today, which means there should be no distraction from the fact that if you or a loved one used Round Up and then were diagnosed with mesothelioma, you could be entitled to significant compensation.

    Kish and GTQ Guy have been confirmed as the primary suspects in the investigation surrounding the missing statue, as well as a double homicide in Michigan. May God have mercy on their souls.
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    Today, a user named "The yandere" was deleted for harassment. This user was given several warnings before action was finally taken and the deletion took place. In order to facilitate a safe and comfortable space for everyone, please remember to heed the forum rules and read through the mod guidelines. We apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience today's events may have had, and users may notice some missing posts in their threads as a result of the deletion.

    In other news, have a photo of Noodles yawning in a drawer she took over:

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    Acrimony Advanced

    We handled a few trolls today. Please remember to avoid interacting with them as much as possible! You can report trolls in our thread here!
    And those with the ability to mark posts are also able to help ♡

    Gtq Guy and Kish have been arrested for their crimes and their wedding has unfortunately been postponed! Hopefully that will teach them how to behave.

    Here is my lil goblin taking a nap:
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    axelbeans Novice

    outside of the trolls that have plagued our corner of the internet, nothings happened with us mods. please remember to not interact or bring attention to trolls whenever they occur!! thank you guys for your cooperation :3

    on another note, i am catching up on the lovely couple and find out kish and gtq guy have been arrested?? how will the lovers pursue their carefree life now?! D:
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot

    Nothing much occurred besides some more trolls. Another reminder not to engage trolls, but to instead come to us to report them instead and let us handle the situation. Thank you!

    GTQ Guy and Kish made bail, but looking at their list of offenses, well, let's just say I hope all the money they saved on not paying us mods can buy them a decent lawyer.

    Here's a Charlie and Bambina.
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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Not much happened today other than deleting a few trolls.

    Gtq guy and Kish have elected to represent themselves in court. They plan on studying up using lawyer YouTube videos and Wikipedia. We'll keep you posted.

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