Mod Check-In Thread

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Thread Topic: Mod Check-In Thread

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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot

    Not a lot happened today! The site is quiet and calm. Hope it lasts forever, honestly.

    GTQ Guy messaged me to remind you all that you're invited to the wedding! The color scheme is ultramarine and mustard yellow, so.. good luck finding an outfit!

    Here's the daily chom chom!

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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    GTQ Guy blessed his with his brief presence. He is working on new mod features. We hope that these features will be of use for everyone, not just for us.

    Don't forget the wedding, or you may make the soon-to-be wed couple cry! :'(

    Here's your daily Chom Chom:

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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Today we had to ban user Boss Baby for their own safety because they're under 13 years old. Nothing else eventful has happened today.

    News on the wedding! Kish and GTQ Guy have narrowed the location down to either Niagara Falls or The Grand Canyon. Im exited to see which one they choose!

    If you're American make sure you're safe with fireworks tomorrow and be sure to social distance and wear masks to keep everyone healthy!

    Daily Chom Chom!
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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    We deleted multiple troll accounts this morning. As a reminder, we ask that you do not interact with troll accounts. In addition, please do not acknowledge their existence. Thank you for your cooperation.

    I sadly must replace our daily Chom Chom photo with a random gif from Google. I hope this is satisfactory enough.

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    axelbeans Novice

    howdy everyone!

    the general silence has been further broken, as today we had to delete some trolls. thanks to all of you for keeping everything sane by ignoring them!! virtual collective high five ✋!!

    however, that’s all that truly happened, so take care and reach out to us for any help or questions! <3
    oh! and here’s tonight’s chom chom. i’m not a junior yet, so this is gonna have to do LOL

    https ://
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    Mused Jade Advanced

    As of now, the introduction thread is down and will be repinned at a later date. Other than that, things on GTQ have be fairly quiet!

    As a reminder, we are here if you all need anything! ❤ Don't hesitate to let us know!

    Here is a picture of your daily Chom Chom:
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    mcqueen Senior

    Nothing interesting happened today.

    I did see a kid throwing a tantrum whilst I was walking home however - does that count as interesting news?

    Here's the daily Chom Chom. One day I'm gonna rebel and post my own pet instead. Jk.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert

    A few fights were stopped. We're also working on a mod introduction thread, so stay tuned for that!
    Here's Chom Chom
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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Today we officially made the mod intro thread! Feel free to ask us whatever you want. We also had to delete a few trolls. I'm proud of yall for not interacting with them.

    In sad news it seems that any non American users will need to get US citizenship if they want to attend the wedding. GTQ Guy's xenophobia will apparently not allow for anything else.

    Chom Chom
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    mcqueen Senior

    Nothing grand happened today. Our mod introduction thread is still up and we've been answering a few fun questions in there, however :) thanks to everyone participating or taking the time to read it !

    It looks like I won't be able to attend GTQ Guy's wedding however... as I do not have US Citizenship. That snake, I even helped him pick out a suit ):

    And of course, the daily Chom Chom lol:
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot

    Everything is still boring and lame.

    Turns out GTQ GUY has a daughter he abandoned a while ago, she's been home alone during the whole vacation. Kinda sad, don't you think?

    Well, time for daily chom chom!
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    Selena112 Hot Shot

    hello mammals of varying sizes!

    nothing much happened today except for GTQ Guy gracing us mods with his presence. we can’t say much for now but we’re inching closer to the “one account per email” thing, as well as some changes in how we can help you all out going forward.

    aside from that, no big news. stay golden, folks. here’s your daily critter.

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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    7/12/2020 pt 2

    wait no i'm gonna make a special add-on for tonight

    if you're seeing this, thank u for reading say nice things to someone you care about

    a sophie for ur troubles
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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    We deleted a few troll accounts today. We'd like to make a gentle reminder that the following users are banned, and if seen, should be reported immediately: Boss baby (and any secondary accounts), Slayerbrine (OwO_whats_this), Drew.

    GTQ Guy himself posted earlier today in F&U. Make sure you relish his public appearance!

    Here is thy daily Chom Chom:

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    Today was mostly uneventful. Some trolls were deleted, but not much happened aside from that.

    As expected, GTQ Guy seems to have swiftly taken flight after his brief appearance, leaving us like the absent father he is. It is our hope that he will return soon to care for his estranged daughter, GTQ-chan, and to iron out the wrinkles in the recent changes to the website.

    In other news, I am making myself more available for moderator duties, taking a hiatus from my hiatus. Feel free to contact me via the site or Discord for help.

    Drek has run away with GTQ Guy for the evening so, in Chom Chom's stead, I present to you Moby:

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