Mod Check-In Thread

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Thread Topic: Mod Check-In Thread

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    Today was wholly uneventful. Peace has befallen our forums. How long will it last? Stay tuned to find out in the next episode.
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot

    We've decided to give Drew one more chance on the forums to post her art.
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    Selena112 Hot Shot

    hello, nothing new or grand to report this thursday.

    except for maybe the fact that i'm back for now. for those who don't know me, hello! i've been on this website since 2010 and been a moderator for around... half? of that i think? but life has gotten busy. anyways! i look forward to getting to know you new folks.

    you can call me pine or roo or sel, and i use they/them pronouns. you'll see me posting from time to time over on my account, roo. i'll continue to moderate and be available through this more official account for now, but i'd prefer to socialize through something without a decade of drama attached.
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    Mused Jade Advanced

    Today has been an eventful day! Selena112/roo made "The Bug Thread" to help with any bugs or problems that you may come across while on GoToQuiz!

    We have been trying to catch any spam/troll accounts that we come across. And as always, if you need a moderator, don't hesitate to contact any of us! ❤
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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Not much happened today, just locked a couple threads.

    I'm beginning to lose hope that GTQ Guy has survived his quest to do the bare minimum as admin and we will be doomed to be lost sheep once more. Only time will tell, may the gods be with us.
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    mcqueen Senior

    This account is now being used by Acrimony/Mei! I look forward to helping everybody out. If you need me for anything, don't hesitate to contact me.

    And as of today, temporaryfag/Drew will once again be banned from GoToQuiz, for breaking rule number 1 of the site guidelines.

    As for other news... Kish and GTQ Guy have been spotted sharing drinks at a Caribbean hotel. How much longer will they abandon us for? Find out next time.
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    axelbeans Novice

    Howdy! Today has been uneventful outside of GTQ Guy’s brief return. He has granted Heph’s original moderator account back to her and let us know that he will be eliminating the ability to use the same email for multiple accounts. He also said that he would return with other fixes, so fingers crossed!

    I sincerely hope his and Kish’s margaritas on the rock rock rock with salt all around the rim rim rim rim at their caribbean getaway (say hi to my family for me, y’all) was worth the administrative drought we have endured.

    As always, thanks to everyone for helping us keep this community fun and safe! If need be, reach out to us with any problems!
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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced

    We deleted a rather explicit account this morning, but aside from that, nothing new happened.

    ..Well, okay, something happened. We have dubbed Chom Chom as our unofficial GTQ mascot. Please behold her in all of her spiky glory.

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    Faceless Knight Advanced

    Today certainly wasn't uneventful. Firstly, as most of you have probably noticed we have survey in the lounge. The survey is there to help us get feedback and improve moderation so it's important that all of you take it : )

    We have a new moderator email and discord account! Always feel free to contact us for anything that can't be said in the forums on discord at the account GTQMods#0944 or email us at gtqmods@gmail

    Jinx, also know as Mused Jade is currently on break.

    GTQ Guy has gotten surprisingly good at beach volleyball during his vacation with his husband kish. They're even considering going professional. Let's wish them luck!

    Daily Chom Chom : )
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    mcqueen Senior

    Nothing eventful happened today folks.

    GTQ Guy and Kish decided not to go professional with their volleyball hobby after losing a tournament- and instead have been spotted learning to surf! Perhaps they'll go professional with this one? Who knows!

    Faceless Knight has informed me I have to post a picture of Chom Chom:
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert

    Nothing happened today.
    Here's your Chom Chom:
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    alex3000 Senior

    Nothing much happened today.

    I'm back, by the way!

    We closed the survey and have read through your feedback. Individual mods that received feedback have made plans to work on their flaws, and the team has come up with ideas for us to be more approachable overall. Stay tuned for a "get to know the mods" thread, which should be coming up sometime next week.

    And of course, we can't forget the daily chom chom:

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    Selena112 Hot Shot

    hello hello it's pine here to give you your mod update! the update is: nothing happened. in hopes of telling y'all more about ourselves, we're asking you to ask us questions so that we can answer them for you. add your own to the thread!

    however, we did earlier receive a surprising parcel at our top secret, definitely real mod HQ. our emotions ranged— some of us were curious, eager, even fearful. a few questioned how we were receiving mail, what with how overloaded our postal service is currently here in the states. not to mention the fact that we don't have any physical place to receive letters. anyways, that's not the important part.

    the envelope contained an engagement accouncement!! no doubt made in 2000s html and then screenshotted(?), it announced the sudden and exciting betrothal of GTQ Guy and Kish! none of us had expected this romance, and could hardly believe the letter before us. its significance became clear, however, once we realized that the engagement wasn't out of any connection between them, but rather as an excuse to avoid engaging with the site.

    if you're curious, there was also a directly pasted link to their wedding registry. it seems that GTQ Guy is asking for a kitchenaid mixer, while Kish is requesting the full le creuset 2020 summer collection.

    that's all for now, folks. stay tuned!

    here are your pet pics for tonight, a sophie and a chom chom, respectively.

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    Mused Jade Advanced

    Today, Jill/DarkIsTheCat has been taking care of old spam threads, and the mods are working on a "Get To Know the Mods" thread! So, hopefully we will habe that up within this week! ❤

    As far as GTQ Guy and Kish goes; the engagement is still on! [Congratulations, by the way!]
    As their engagement has insued, their presence on site has dwindled, but hopefully they will return! Gifts in tow, for all of their devout citizens of GoToQuiz (of course!).

    And, as always, here is a daily Chom Chom: ❤

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    mcqueen Senior
    Hey folks, Mei here for your daily check in.

    We deleted a troll today. Other than that, we've had a pretty peaceful day down at Mod HQ.

    GTQ Guy contacted me on some suit advice. Looks like he wanted to go for a striking blue suit for his wedding, the same colour as his logo! But Kish was going for a mustard yellow suit so... we'll see how that works out. Here's hoping they find something nice to wear :)

    Daily Chom Chom:

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