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    WolfLove2 Newbie
    yo lemme say i remember when you were getting into drawing and art and s--- and you have improved SO MUCh
    i love your art style
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok so, I don’t know too much about drawing styles, so I can’t over any real advice or actual criticism to help you improve so I apologise for that but I will tell you that your shading is very very good, though I must admit my favourite drawing is ‘duck’ because holy f--- you drew an actual duck!
    That’s something I personally struggle with, it takes me a while to draw birds, even when I have a real life reference, in the form of stuffed birds, or the photos of them, so to draw that from an Instagram photo is impressive in my books.

    “Roses” is very beautiful, and is one of the best self portraits I’ve seen in a while.

    “Cruel” is a very interesting looking drawing, I don’t know what song it is, since I’ve never listened to it but it’s hinestly intriguing, and very well done.

    I’m curious about “Owen” what is he eating, it’s a nice drawing, though possibly lacking in tone? I’m unsure

    Holy f---, you can draw hands!? I struggle with that maybe more than I do with faces, and they look super good, and as I see more drawings I can see you’re actually improving with the hands,

    “Eddie” holy hell thats a cool one. Not much to say but I do love it

    Those were my highlights.
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    @Rain Thank you so much! I had all but given up, but I realized that if I keep practicing, I'll reach my goal of being "as good" as my favorite artists. I'm still behind on digital artwork, but I love doing traditional realistic stuff, and I'm glad that I've improved in your eyes.

    @Puppet (Lyle, right?) That's 100% fine; I also have very little idea on what my "style" is at the moment. I do a lot of artwork that is based off of already existing photos because I work best with references. I find it extremely hard to come up with stuff on my own. That's my next art goal, lol.
    "Duck" was most certainly fun; the reference photo was super dark, and I had to come up with a lot of the shading on my own. ^^'

    Thank you so much! I'm still torn on how the shading is for that one. Additionally, I struggle with drawing mouths, so I'm trying to come up with something symbolic that can cover that part of the piece.

    Here's a link that has the timestamp (roughly) of the part of the video I imitated. You can see where I made edits or altered things to fit my style.

    Owen was eating a loaf of bread. xD It would probably look better if I added more shading, but I'm so lazy!

    I LOVE HANDS OH MY GOD YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I've awkwardly asked my friends to send me pictures of their hands so I can practice realistic hands. I can't draw cartoon/anime hands for the life of me, though. Cartoon drawing is a mystery to me. :O

    Thank you so much for your feedback!

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    Dark22978 Hot Shot

    Direct Link:

    Digital version of "Cruel"
  • keshamari Newbie
    Don't like it

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