FNaF 1 2 3 and 4 Quiz

Have you even wondered if YOU are a FNaF genius? Take this quiz to find out:) and just so you know this took me REALY long time to make so i hope you enjoyed this quiz:)

Is Bonnie purple or blue? Is Freddy a girl or a boy? Is foxy good or bad? Find out EWERYTHING about FNaF in this awesome quiz!!! Find out if YOU are a FNaF genius:)

Created by: Emil

  1. Who are you playing as in FNaF 1?
  2. Which date is on the paycheck in FNaF 2?
  3. What is inside Springtrap?
  4. Who caused "the bite of 87"?
  5. How many animatronics are there in FNaF 2?
  6. Which night did Phone guy die?
  7. What can you hear Springtrap say in FNaF 3?
  8. Where is Nightmare Freddy in FNaF 4?
  9. Which animatronic do i HATE the most
  10. How many times do you hear the name "Fredbear" in FNaF 2?

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