Find out what attitude you will have when you meet your love

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Take this quiz if you want to know if your a submissive, kinda submissive, kinda dominant, and things like that! This quiz might also help you find what your compatible others type is!

Hi, so I’m new on here this is my first quiz, and I know it will not be that good, so as a heads up, sorry about my grammar and spelling mistakes.....

Created by: Jes
  1. Do you like getting praised or doing the praising?
  2. If your partner messes up do you:
  3. If you take your lover to the movies where do you sit?
  4. When going to a party:
  5. Do you like kinks?
  6. Do you like playing games?
  7. Where do you want to go for a date?
  8. Did you like this test? (This is a actually important question)
  9. Favorite activitys
  10. Have fun! Pick one ||V

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Quiz topic: Find out what attitude you will have when you meet my love

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