family guy do you watch it?

do you watch family guy well if you dont but wanna know 10 questions worth about then take this quiz 1,000,000 times untill you get 100% keep trying :)

do you watch family guy this test determines if you have knowledge so if you wanna know 10 questions worth about family guy take this quiz and keep trying

Created by: matthew

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  1. who is handicapped
  2. who was peter and lois's first kid
  3. does stewie dress up like a cheerleader
  4. does brian get a job as a cop
  5. who is a pervert HINT: giggity goo
  6. who will get killed first?
  7. is peter retarded
  8. who dates a criminal
  9. who gets a job at a golf place
  10. how long as bonnie been pregnant before she had susie

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Quiz topic: Family guy do I watch it?