Electoral Compass Maricopa 2013

In the coming General Election, a new Maricopan Senator will be elected. Two candidates have announced their intention to run for the vacant seat and replace Sir Iusti Canun.

Hopefully this electoral compass will give you a better understanding of the issues and the position of the two candidates. Remember that the statements in this quiz do not cover everything and this is just one of many ways to help determine your vote.

Created by: Gluc

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  1. The fee for registering a political party should remain in place, as it is.
  2. Parties should be obliged to come up with a Candidate list when participating in Cosa elections.
  3. The King should become a purely symbolic figurehead and have no powers at all.
  4. Talossa should try to behave like a real country, in most respects.
  5. It is a problem that everything in Talossa revolves around the Internet message board, Wittenberg.
  6. No members of the Chancery should be permitted to serve in the Ziu or the Government
  7. New citizens should be allowed to choose a province different from their usual assignment, if they wish to do so.
  8. A constitutional convention should be held to replace the Organic Law.
  9. Official government business should be on an official government message board.
  10. Parties shouldnt assign Cosa seats to citizens who are not on their candidate list (including new citizens).
  11. People moving permanently across provincial reassignment boundaries should automatically change province as well.
  12. Talossa should have the “Real Cosa” system, with only 20 Members of Cosa.
  13. It is a problem that so few Talossans are actually living in Milwaukee.
  14. The Semi-Permeable Wall Act, which prevents Talossa from having formal relations with micronations, should be repealed.
  15. The King is a crucially important symbol for Talossan nationhood and unity.
  16. Public voting should not be permitted.
  17. Talossa should eventually become a republic
  18. Talossa is a Christian nation and this should be reflected in its laws.
  19. The government should have full contact and the birth details for all citizens.
  20. The Organic Law (the constitution) should be easier to amend.
  21. Instead of being appointed by the King based on the advice of a Cosa majority, the Seneschal should be directly elected by the people.
  22. Provinces three times the size of the smallest province should be closed to immigration.
  23. Senats elections should be conducted using Instant Runoff Voting, where candidates are ranked in order of preference instead of using First Past The Post.
  24. The Three Strikes Law, which requires a citizen to cast some kind of vote in at least every third national election (every two years) if they wish to keep their citizenship, should be retained.
  25. Instead of voters electing parties to represent them, some form of direct democracy should be put in place.
  26. It should be more difficult than today to become a citizen.

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