Does you baby needs diapers?

This is a ddlg quiz for daddy's who are confused. Diapers or no diapers can be a tough question to answer in a ddlg relationships, it always differs from person to person

if you are not sure weather your little needs a diaper or not take this quiz to find out, this will surely help both of you in your relationship. be sure to answer honestly!

Created by: Lucy

  1. How old is she?
  2. What is her little age?
  3. Does she wets herself?
  4. How often does she wets her bed?
  5. Does she wears diapers?
  6. Do you want her to wear diapers?
  7. Does she often gets in trouble?
  8. Does diaper helps her to behave?
  9. Does she likes wearing them?
  10. Does diapers help her to stay in little space?

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