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  • Is 55% considered good

  • Damn I think this was really accurate...just wish I could know for sure :/

  • I got 43 % but i know he likes me because all his friends and my friends tell me he does and my friend told one of his friends that i liked him and he didnt even get grossed out. We sat next to eachother in math and this other girll that liked him sat on the other side of him so he asked to switch places and sill sat next to me. And, when we were little, he kinda asked me on dates. Once he asked me to read this book with him (yah hes geeky but that popular kid) just us, so I said yes. So thats what we did at recess. And on my birthday, he screamed happy birthday!!!! from the window of his bus. So i think my answer should be 100%.

  • to numel007 aahh i didnt know 8 year olds could be that diabolical and mean lol

  • 2nd crush quiz ive took...
    still not going to get him ;(


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