does your boy crush like you

this test will show you if your boy crush likes you or not. he might like to mess around like you and wants to go out with you or just likes to hang around and make you think he likes you.

this test could also show you if your boy crush doesn't like you or if he just likes to plat around with you as long as you don't get butthurt take this quiz

Created by: kittens5476

  1. does he hang around you a lot?
  2. does he talk to you?
  3. does he flirt with you?
  4. does he act like a show-off around you?
  5. does he play with you?
  6. does he come over to your house
  7. does he send you notes?
  8. does he sit by you?
  9. does he like to hang around his friends or just you?
  10. are you prepared for your test results?

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Quiz topic: Does my boy crush like you