Does ur Family Love u?

im not sure what to put here lol, i guess im just gonna type random things lol. do u think my mother loves me? Who named the Vulva and why am i now suddenly hungry?

im not sure what to put here LOL i guess imma have to go type i like to cry can u parent me lol suddenly hungry? can u make cheese juice for me<3 my moms gay

Created by: Jamy

  1. How often do u talk?
  2. How aften do they say they love u?
  3. Do they support u and ur interests?
  4. Do u eat together at dinner?
  5. Are they nice dinners?
  6. Do u fight? lol
  7. Do u have pets
  8. R u excited?
  9. Do u want to know the results????? ;/
  10. U ready?

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