does he like you?

does he like YOU? want to know if your crush likes you? take this quiz and find out

wondering if he likes you, do you want to know? well then take this quiz.

Created by: skyprint

  1. what does he say when you walk up to him?
  2. when you walk up to him does he notice you?
  3. if your walking down the hall and he passes you, does he stop to talk
  4. when hes with his friends does he leave them to talk to you?
  5. does he have a nickname for you?
  6. does he ever touch you in a loving way?
  7. does he talk to you with his friends?
  8. does he stare at you a lot?
  9. why do you like him?
  10. now does he say things wrong for fun?
  11. last question, does he try to mak you laugh?

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