does he like you?

this is for anybody who wants to find out if there crush likes them, in my experiance this is what will help you c if hes the one for you or if your messing around,

so if it says that he likes u or is in love with you, well lets just say go talk to him, and then ask him out if he doesnt ask you out!! we can ask too, theres no rule!

Created by: kim

  1. does he blush when your eyes meet?
  2. do u guys talk?
  3. does he laugh at your lame jokes?
  4. how much do you like him?
  5. did anyone ever tell you they think he likes you?
  6. did he ever do anything stupid to get your attention?
  7. does he ever whisper to his friends while looking at you?
  8. is he sexy?
  9. did he ever see u in a bathing suit?
  10. and last question: do you think hes your soul mate?

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