Do you luhh blah peepo?

Are you a BEYTA? AMAZIN have you ovuhcome yo mamma? AMAZIN are you in a Fallen State? AMAZIN Do you luhh blah peepo? AMAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN

This BEYTA site made me write a second paragraph. I bet whoever made that decision's name is Destiny, that's a woman's name and he a BEEEEYYYTAAAAAAAAA

Created by: BoreRagnarok

  1. Do you luhh blah peepo
  2. What is a man?
  3. Should you ovuhcome your momma?
  5. What do u think of The Great White Hope?
  6. Do u believe in God?
  7. PETE
  8. What do you think of antifa?
  10. Trans women are not men

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Quiz topic: Do I luhh blah peepo?