Do you know warriors?

If you think yu kno warriors try this quiz! Its mostly about Thunderclan but it includes the other clans as well! This will also give you "name" examples.

Do YOU know Warriors?????? Lets find out if your a Leader, Warrior, Deputy, Apprentice, Elder, Queen, or kit! I didnt add a med cat....... Byez for now until we meet at the end ~Mossfall~

Created by: Mossfall
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  1. Who does Firestar first meet?
  2. Why does Firestar come into the forest for the first time?
  3. Who is Firestar's mentor?
  4. Who mistakes the "fire and tiger" prophocy?
  5. What was Crookedstar's warrior name?
  6. What was Crookedstar's first EVER name
  7. Who are Jaypaw's Lionpaw's and Hollypaw's real parents?
  8. What takes Bluestar's last life?
  9. How many lives does a clan leader get?

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Quiz topic: Do I know warriors?