Do you know the three hedgehogs? (Sonic 1st)

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Do you know Sonic? Do you know him like you created him? Well that is ALL I have to say. So I'll just maybe post random Sonic related crap. Yup that me.

SONIC! YA! COME ON MR. SONIC! YOU CAN DO IT! Shutup Cream I'm not 'Mr. Sonic' dope. :'( Y-you hurt me. I hurt you? Yes you hurt my heart. WAAAAAA WAAAAAAA!

Created by: BTRfreak

  1. Age:
  2. Siblings:
  3. Instrument:
  4. Side:
  5. Best friend/little bro:
  6. He is good at:
  7. Most popular game level:
  8. Most popular game:
  9. Rate? Comment?
  10. Later

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Quiz topic: Do I know the three hedgehogs? (Sonic 1st)