do you know spongebob

man so spongebob is yellow and squidward is blue.sandy is brown stanley is yellow mr.krabs is yellow no he isnt hes red. well im just gonne type spanish now since im bored

Por favor, divertirse tomando el examen y Bob Esponja será tan feliz de saber si alguien va a obtener una alta puntuación en una prueba a su alrededor. y ¿qué estás esperando para seguir adelante y Thake la prueba. im no dejar de ir! :)

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. what street does spongebob live on
  2. what is his best friends name
  3. what is this friend/enemys name
  4. who is spongebobs boss
  5. who is the scientist
  6. what is spongebobs parents
  7. what was the name of that big ass worm on that episode
  8. what is spongebob out of all these (im sure youll know witch to pick)
  9. what did spongebob drive in the spongebob movie
  10. what is the name of the place spongebob works at
  11. what is the name of spongebobs pet snail
  12. who did spongebobs pet betray spongebob for

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Quiz topic: Do I know spongebob