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Welcome to 100% true marvel facts quiz! Your talking to a super hero expert! Try me when your done with the quiz ask me a question about Marvel OR DC Comics in the Comments please rate too

Haha I can't wait to watch you all fail half these questions are hard others are easy but try me I bet you will lose but some can win but very rarely though

Created by: Marceline 101

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  1. BTW This is very tricky quiz! ) who was te first male marvel super hero?
  2. Who was the first female marvel hero?
  3. What is Stan Lee's catch frase?
  4. Who was the founder of Marvel Comics?
  5. Which comic book series came out first?
  6. True or false: Marvel indestries sold other comics besides super heros!
  7. Name a couple that fall in love in the comics! I SAID IN THE COMICS!
  8. How many Infiniti stones are there in all?
  9. Which character out of these is woul win
  10. Now the moment of truth! What is the story behind scarlet witch and quick silver?
  11. Who is the son of captain America and black widow
  12. Who is the son of captain America and black widow

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Quiz topic: Do I know Marvel Comics