do you know justin bieber well enough

so many people like or don't like Justin Bieber but either there are many of us who love and care for him so much to do what ever we can to support him and what he dose to inspire so many of his fans who love and care for him!!!!!!

if you have the brainpower or the rememberance to remember that the things that follow are all about him and his career over the course of the time since he began his career

Created by: amazon

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  1. where was Justin Bieber born
  2. When was Justin born
  3. how old is Justin now (2015)
  4. who discovered Justin
  5. what year was Justin pulled over for a dui
  6. what are his fans called
  7. how old was his mom when she had Justin
  8. where was he raised in Canada
  9. how old was Justin when he became famous
  10. who is his guitarist

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Quiz topic: Do I know justin bieber well enough