Do you know facts about Twilight?

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Welcome to my quiz. This quiz is about Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony, the smartest pony in the film. Go watch it! You will have a never-ending fun!

Do you know the facts? I do know much, honestly, I still have to find more so this is only some facts. Have fun in this awesome My Little Pony quiz!

Created by: Nature

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  1. How many best friends has she gotten? (excluding herself)
  2. What is her number one assistant's name?
  3. At which episode did she turn into an alicorn?
  4. Who helped Twilight when she sneaked out to find the time machine?
  5. How did Twilight escaped from the vines at The Tree of Harmony?
  6. What is the name of Twilight's second assistant?
  7. What is Twilight's element?
  8. What is Twilight's princess title?
  9. Ever Twilight's magic fails?
  10. In episode 3, The Ticket Master, did Twilight eat her flower sandwich?

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Quiz topic: Do I know facts about Twilight?