Do You Know Chinzstrap And Cheat Finder?

Hello! Do you know Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder? Well be prepared to answer 10 questions all about them! When you get done post comments about your scores and how hard or easy it was on our website.

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Created by: cheat finder

  1. How many puffles does Chinzstrap and Cheat Finder have?
  2. Who has the beta tester hat in Club Penguin?
  3. What cheat did Cheat Finder teach you?
  4. Why does Cheat Finder not have a lot of items?
  5. Who are the workers for Club Penguin Rally?
  6. Who is the president of Club Penguin Rally?
  7. What color is Chinzstrap?
  8. What color is Cheat Finder?
  9. What does Cheat Finder do for the website?
  10. Cheat Finder is a Beta Tester

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Chinzstrap And Cheat Finder?