do you have to pee?

A lot pee their pants when they are little but some pee their pants now weather you are 7 or 57 you may still pee yourself. It is embarrassing especially when you are in public!!!!

when was the last YOU peed yourself or the bed? If you don't know then you will because if you take this quiz you most likely pee yourself. MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T GONE TO THE BATHROOM IN A FEW HOURS!!!

Created by: holls43

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  1. Rate how bad you have to PEE.( 20 meaning you are peeing)
  2. If you think of a waterfall rushing down and then hitting rocks at the bottom how does that make you feel
  3. Think of peeing PSSSSSS. It is make you fell like you are going to explode and all the bathrooms are taken what are you going to do?
  4. how long can you wait to go to the bathroom right now
  5. you just let your dog out and he/she peed a nice long pee and he/she came back all happy. gotta pee yet
  6. Lay on the floor with your hands above your head and your legs spread out and lift your chest, head, and legs off the ground while singing drip drop drip drop for 15 secs
  7. I love rushing streams and rapid going really fast. How does your bladder feel?
  8. do 20 jumping jacks then tell me how you feel
  9. did you pee yet?
  10. I might post another one later bibi

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Quiz topic: Do I have to pee?