do you drive a dependable truck

my quize is only a quiz to show that fords are the worst truck. and evey one shoould buy a chevy they are the best they so dependable for every thing even towing fords.

Are YOU a genius? Do you have chevy if so you are a genius and thats all that maters if it is a ford or chevy. you dont want to be on the side of a road waiting to be towed so drive a chevy

Created by: matt

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you drive
  2. What is the color of it
  3. Does it how any body filler?
  4. Are you a history teacher
  5. Do you have Hair
  6. Where are you from
  7. Do you have any stickers on your truck
  8. Do you have a cb or are you getting one on it?
  9. Do you Park in spot 69 or 58
  10. do you like bowties?

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Quiz topic: Do I drive a dependable truck