Do u need a spanking

Do u need a spanking and believe me the teachers put me in diapers and yes they change me and they spank me like every time I say swear now bye boitch jk but I swear aloot

Are u bad and need a spanking take this test to find out and I have to eat baby food at school witch I f-----g hate to death btw and pls be honest in the test or it won't match

Created by: Evelyn123021

  1. What did u do
  2. Who punishing u
  3. Do u get diaper punished
  4. Do u like spanking s
  5. Who changes u if u wear diaper
  6. Does it hurt
  7. If u sweared what word
  8. Did u like the test doesn't affect btw
  9. What will the spanking be after color over
  10. Bai

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