do u have to pee?

Created by: awesomepplrule10

  1. when was the last time you drank water?
  2. press on your bladder. what do you feel?
  3. press a fist into your bladder and hold it for twenty seconds. what happens?
  4. go into your bathroom and turn on all sources of running water. what happened?
  5. keep all of the running water on except make your sink water warm. put your hand in the water. what happened?
  6. still leave all sources of water on and pull your pants and underwear down and sit on the toilet. allow your self one spurt of pee. what happened?
  7. still sitting on the tiolet, allow yourself to pee, but when its about to come out, hold it in again. what happened?
  8. ready to see your results?
  9. tomato?
  10. 1

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