do u hate phillip cervenjak

always choose the funniest and most violent answer cause u get a oops maybe i shouldnt say this much lol but u are truly are very hateful person good luck with your llife

i hope u enjoiyed this quiz if though it was a bit stuped but hey if was really funny i recommend this for people who are deprressed and want a lauch

Created by: phillip

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  1. if your crappest friend was kidnapped and promissed u 1 MILLION bucks if u rescue him wat will u do?
  2. if a dog u hate was gonna get killed in about 2.3 minutes wat will u do?
  3. if you got kidnapped and your best friend says stfu wat will u do?
  4. if you and your friend are going to fight wat will u do?
  5. your BEST friend has done IT with your girlfriend wat will u do?
  6. if the world was gonna exploud in 24 hours wat will u do
  7. if u need a friend to cheer u up what kind will it be?
  8. if Phillip cervenjak said sup wat will u do?
  9. Obama kills ur dad wat will u do?
  10. do u like naruto

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