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I have one thing to warn you this story cusses a bit so please don't report I don't use the huge cuss words like many people do in the forms on gotoquiz! I don't do that at all never ever!

So any way this is a romance story and can be funny at times! I really hope you enjoy cause this is my first story series!! XD! And no it's not sad just enjoyable!! And at the end comment some of your ideas please!!

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Ok for gals only and ps your name is niki!
  2. You are in you school bored as crap nothi fun and your the biggest shadow in the whole school people think less of you like your nothing pethetic and useless! The would make fun of you! Rebecca your biggest rival an worst enemy is a diva and is the whole reason that you are treated like s---!
  3. You are all alone in the halls that it was almost scary ," hello?!" You ask is any one there?" You ask.
  4. A dark figure lurks behind you...the figure is obviously tall but plump! You turn around to say," Jock."
  5. " bye-bye niki!" He said smirking pushing you into an opened locker!
  6. Your back slammed into the metal wall! And your heart skipped a beat! A tear slid down your cheek
  7. You crouch to your knees in the locker," why does every one hate me?" She asked her self!
  8. You stand up and then slam your fist to the metal wall to your back!
  9. Ten lights flash every where the locker starts buzzing!! Your feet start fading, then your calfs, then your knees, to the thighs, the hips, and all the way up! Then you see a flash of light and you start to fall from the- wait sky?
  10. To be continued!!

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