Digimon digi-girlfriend tickle.

You stuck in the digital world. If you wont tickle a girl you will die. You must find a girl she will like to be tickled by you, so good luck, you will need that

You can get the no one ending so you be dead. You can get sora ending, so you wont die.You can get ruki, you still be dead but you will have girl friend.You can get zoe ending, you never gonna die and you are more powerful, Good ending.You can get hikari ending, you too die at the same time, when she dead from lungh.

Created by: Jeffy

  1. In this quiz the only place you can tickle its the belly. So where on the belly will you tickle the girl.
  2. Rp: you see zoe tied up, you know she is most ticklish at her belly button. You feel bad and zoe look like she was torture, what do you do
  3. Rp: zoe give to you tickle her, she says go at her crazy how much you want. How to tickle her?
  4. You see sora, you got a tickle tentacle and you use the tentacle. She is lungh and says you thank you, you need more energy but you don't want go to far. What to do?
  5. Rp: you see sora. She has fun with you and ask why did you tickle her. You says that you need a girl friend for tickle. She says:" i be your girl friend if you tickle me so hard that i just told you to stop. How do you do that?
  6. You see hikary at a machine. She is super scare and you recognize thats a tickle machine.
  7. You really tired, you see a girl at a distance. Tou go to tickle her but she look angry.
  8. All the girls together and you see they all wear clip clop. They all want to help you, who you choose for tickle?
  9. Who is the best girl of all four?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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