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  • Hey this is from Aria!

    "I ran back home? At first, I thought it was the little girl coming back again but I was crazily wrong, innit? I hope Skai explains everything to me just like they always do. I thought Timothy and the other girl had something to do with it, the way they were staring me down all day. o.O I have to admit, I saw that coming but nevertheless, you had a twist right? It's good to be different, to stand out. Anyway, I'd like to see part three soon. I'm in London at the moment and I've seen loads of places and took out loads of pictures. I went into the place where Gringotts was used and I went to the Millenium Bridge. It was the bridge used in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Hm....what else can I tell you? I miss my niece dearly because she's the apple of my eyes. I love her so much but anyway, great job Icy. -Aria"

  • I'm in love with your series. I really am.

  • Awesome part. I can't wait for the next :D.

  • Thanks guys :)

  • Great job I cant wait for pt 3


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