Create Aunt Polly!

You don't know who aunt Polly is. You don't know what aunt Polly looks like. Blah blah stuff stuff hehehhehe I gotta do it hehehhehhehehehhehhehehe blah. Lag ignore this part blaaaaahbz

Can your imagination be powerful enough to guess what aunt Polly looks like with amazing superhuman accuracy? Well now you can find out! Blahbz I'm sorry I must have certain character amount sorrrrrey againz plz don't let this annoy u just ignore it ok ok I can stop now

Created by: AlexTheDisguise

  1. Guess her face (like hair and skin tone)
  2. Guess her facial expression
  3. Guess her top
  4. Guess her shoes
  5. Guess the gift she'd most likely give
  6. Guess the country she lives in
  7. Guess her greeting
  8. Guess her birth year hehehhehe I'm evil hehehhehe
  9. Try and guess her niece's name
  10. Is she rich or poor? Guess :)
  11. Guess her personality
  12. I have no more questions for you so just for fun, create a meal! (Doesn't affect score)

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