Could You Survive A Jeff The Killer Attack?

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Some people wonder if they can survive an attack from a certain person/thing. This is my second one, Jeff The Killer, much more improved than the first.

I will be starting a series of this, and I'll start with Creepypasta. The next one is going to be BEN DROWNED. Rate fairly if you like this quiz, bye!

Created by: ello

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  1. You're staring at the ceiling, trying to sleep. A glance of the clock beside your bed and you realize it's 1 in the morning. You don't care, but then you hear a creak.
  2. You hear banging, slicing and muffled screaming, then nothing. Your eyes turn towards your brother's bed to see if he's alright, and he's sleeping.
  3. "Brother, wake up!" You whisper while shaking him. Nothing. You feel something wet and warm, thinking he wet the bed.
  4. You decide something's wrong. He won't wake up, and the pee is really thick. This is confusing you, so you suck on a finger. Your eyes widen as you realize what it is, and you turn on the lamp. You now see he was dead, murdered.
  5. You grab the metal bat next to your bed, and approach the door slowly. You reach for the door knob.
  6. The door opened slowly after you nudged it, gripping the bat. You expected and imagined the worst, as you were up watching Mr. Creepypasta. You hear soft breathing, and turn your head to see your favorite Creepypasta.
  7. the both of you are staring into each other's eyes. He stares into your eyes, appearing to se something special in you.
  8. Jeff walks away, proud of himself. His knife is bloody and his hands red. (What do you want your result to be??)
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