could we be friends?

there are people who looks for friends *sigh* but dont worry stop looking for friends and TAKE THIS QUIZ! to see if WE would be FRIENDShaha well enjoy this quiz and dont be sad if we cant be friends

ARE YOU WHAT IT TAKES TO BE MY FRIEND? well i dont know so take this quiz and find out NOW PLZ!! haha im so nice that you would love to be my friend my amigo ←friend in spanish if you didnt know see im helpful too bye bye now

Created by: fufe123

  1. do you like pizza
  2. are you a follower
  3. do you like music
  4. are you random
  5. are you mean to others
  6. are you a outdoor preson or indoor
  7. did you like this random quiz
  8. if i said bye would you say bye back
  9. haha its not over!
  10. bye bye bye

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